The re-edition of the Ottoman model created by Primrose Bordier responds to current decorative influences; inspired by Ottoman illuminations, the motifs are rich in ornaments.

The Slate variant, felt grey and flannel, is punctuated by timelessly elegant black and white graphics.

Linen fibres play with light and bring intense reflections. Delicate weaving and mitered corners bear witness to our exceptional craftsmanship.

A highlight of the collection, the Ottoman tablecloths is adorned with an elegant ornamental decoration of oriental inspiration.

The linen we weave is Masters of Linen® certified, 100% European and eco-responsible. A genuine mark of excellence and guaranteed traceability, this label is a benchmark for both consumers and professionals. We are also committed, in partnership with our producers, to defending the know-how and production of high-quality European linen.

SIZE: 175 X 250 CM