Sodium Percarbonate (100 g)

Product is most effective when used in hot water up to 30-50°C. Suitable to be used on drain, tablewares, cooking tensils & etc. 1. For cleaning drains & pipes, pour about 1-2 glasses of water with 100 g of Sodium Percarbonate into the drains/pipes & wait for a while. Then, pour a large amount of hot water down the drain at once to clean it out. 2. For bleaching yellowing or darkening clothes, dissolve 15 g of Sodium Percarbonate in 30 L of water & place it in a washing tub for awhile. 3. For removing stains, bleaching & disinfecting kitchen utensils, dissolve 10 g of 2 L of water, soak utensils in water for 15-30 minutes before rinsing it off with water.