Taschelino Bag, Deep Grey 13.0 x 32.7 x 38.6 cm

Colour is in! So are small bags. TASCHELINO is the long-awaited compact version of Koziol’s successful shopper. Thanks to its sophisticated design, this little number doubles as a hand or shoulder bag – for a trendy or casual look. The multiple colours make TASCHELINO a pretty partner for city walks and office talks – and a smash hit at hip parties. So obviously a girl needs more than one! Carry a contrasting shade or go tone-in-tone: whichever colour you choose, this bag makes a fashion statement with every outfit. And TASCHELINO’s not just made to tote. As a store-all and catch-all it will hold cosmetics in the bathroom, socks in the closet, gift wrap in the office, and lots more!