My Melody Dispenser Case with 99.9% Pure Water Wet Wipes 80 Sheets + My Melody Reusable Lid Cover


99.9% Pure Water Character Dispenser Case & Reusable Lid Cover – My Melody

Bundle consists of:

• 1x Character Dispenser Case with Wet Wipes 80 Sheets
• 1x Character Reusable Lid Cover

Character Dispenser Case & Reusable Lid Cover
• Cute and fun characters
• Officially licensed character product
• Prevent wipes from being contaminated with germs
• User-friendly, operable with one hand

99.9% Pure Water Character Wet Wipes

• Fun family wipes for family
• Moisture with Hyaluronic Acid
• Safe for face, hand & mouth and body
• Safe for sensitive skin
• Prevent nappy rash & allergy reaction
• Caring for mummy’s breast

Moisturizing Ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid

• An excellent moisturizer
• Skin softener
• An antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
• Wound healing, dry skin relief

FREE from:
• Alcohol, Fragrance, Propylene Glycol, Paraben, Surfactant
• LEC patented baby wipes formula contains 99.9% purified water and 0.1% safe ingredients to satisfy the concerns mothers have for their babies.

Made in Japan (Latest Technology, Facilities and Safety)

• LEC baby wipes are produced in a LEC factory situated on Shikoku island in Southern and manufactured in a Biological Clean room.

• The baby wipes are produced under strict hygiene controls and with a fully automated process, reducing human contact which may introduce unwanted bacteria and pollutants


From production to final packaging there is no contact with human hands. Sensitive foreign matter detection cameras are in used.


Constantly maintained with controls of the highest quality.

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