Ma fleur 100% Food-Based Hand & Mouth Baby Skincare Wipes Big Pack (3x Triple Pack (3×70 Sheets)

LEC Ma fleur 100% Food-Based “Edible” Ingredients Baby Skincare Wipes – Hand & Mouth

• Safe cleaning for baby’s hand & mouth
• Safe to use as oral wipes
• All edible ingredients
• Moisture and maintain skin health
• Suitable for delicate baby skin
• Contains natural moisturizer with antimicrobial action
• Special ingredients maple sugar help in softening of the skin horny later, improve skin health

100% Food-Based “Edible” Ingredients

Moisturizer – Poly-e-lysine 10

• An essential protective amino acid
• Natural moisturizer with Antimicrobial action

Preservative – STYRAX BENZOIN

• Benzoin acid purified from Benzoin Resin
• Use for food preservative

Anti-bacterial – Grapefruit Seed
• Extract from grapefruit seeds
• Strong anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, and deodorant effects

Mild Acidity – Citric Acid
• Contain protective amino acid
• pH conditioner
• Friendly to delicate baby skin

Moisturizer – Sugar Maple
• Maple sugar extract from sap of maple tree
• Maintain moisture of the skin
• Softening of the horny layer

FREE from:
Alcohol, Fragrance, Propylene Glycol, Paraben, Surfactant

Made in Japan (Latest Technology, Facilities and Safety)
LEC baby wipes are produced in a LEC factory situated on Shikoku island in Southern and manufactured in a Biological Clean room.

The baby wipes are produced under strict hygiene controls and with a fully automated process, reducing human contact which may introduce unwanted bacteria and pollutants

From production to final packaging there is no contact with human hands. Sensitive foreign matter detection cameras are in used.

Constantly maintained with controls of the highest quality.

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