LEC Baby Safe Set- No Chemical Antibacterial Protection

LEC Baby Safe Set – No Chemical Antibacterial Protection

Bundle consists of:

• 2x Ma fleur 100% Food-Based “Edible” Ingredients Baby Skincare Wipes – Hand & Mouth Triple Pack (3×70’s)

• 1x Baby Safe Natural Antibacterial Alkaline Water Sanitizer Spray 400ml

• 1x Baby Safe Natural Antibacterial Alkaline Water Sanitizer Refill 360ml


LEC Ma fleur 100% Food-Based “Edible” Ingredients Baby Skincare Wipes – Hand & Mouth

• Safe cleaning for baby’s hand & mouth

• Safe to use as oral wipes

• All edible ingredients

• Moisture and maintain skin health

• Suitable for delicate baby skin

• Contains natural moisturizer with antimicrobial action

• Special ingredients maple sugar help in softening of the skin horny later, improve skin health


100% Food-Based “Edible” Ingredients

Moisturizer – Poly-e-lysine 10

• An essential protective amino acid

• Natural moisturizer with Antimicrobial action


Preservative – STYRAX BENZOIN

• Benzoin acid purified from Benzoin Resin

• Use for food preservative


Anti-bacterial – Grapefruit Seed

• Extract from grapefruit seeds

• Strong anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, and deodorant effects


Mild Acidity – Citric Acid

• Contain protective amino acid

• pH conditioner

• Friendly to delicate baby skin


Moisturizer – Sugar Maple

• Maple sugar extract from sap of maple tree

• Maintain moisture of the skin

• Softening of the horny layer


FREE from:

Alcohol, Fragrance, Propylene Glycol, Paraben, Surfactant

Made in Japan (Latest Technology, Facilities and Safety)



• LEC baby wipes are produced in a LEC factory situated on Shikoku island in Southern and manufactured in a
Biological Clean room.



• The baby wipes are produced under strict hygiene controls and with a fully automated process, reducing human
contact which may introduce unwanted bacteria and pollutants



• From production to final packaging there is no contact with human hands

• Sensitive foreign matter detection cameras are in used.



• Constantly maintained with controls of the highest quality.


Natural Antibacterial Alkaline Water Sanitizer

Product Material

Ionized Alkaline Water (pH 12.5)



• Multipurpose sanitizer made from 100% water

• Eliminate 99.9% Bacterial 60 second (Salmonella, 0-157a and norovirus)

• Prevent Hand, Foot, Mouth disease

• Removed Decayed odor

• Strong Decomposition Power against Fat and Oil

• Remove Oily stubborn Stain & Dirt

• No detergent and chemicals

• No fragrance and coloring

• No rinsing required

• No harm to hands, friendly to skin

• Safe and reliable



Excellent for cleaning:

• Baby toys and accessory

• Food & cooking utensils

• Pet accessory

• Microwave (Inside & Outside)

• Refrigerator

• Cupboard

• Window glass

• Kitchen

• Dining

• Living area


How to Use

Rotate nozzle to “on”, hold bottle 4-6 inch away from surface and spray, after 30-60 seconds, wipe off with cloth.
Rotate nozzle to “off” after use


Do not use on

• Lacquer ware, products made from leather, silk, copper and gold surface covered with paint which would easily scale

• Eyeglasses and painted surface of cars

• Precaution this alkaline water is not drinkable

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