Kant Hors D’Oeuvres Forks, Cotton White – Powder Blue – Powder Pink

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• CLUB is the pro among cocktail sticks and simply made for all those who love pick-me-ups!
• The polygonal handle ensures a secure and solid grip that extends to everything speared by the pronged tip.
• Tapas, olives, cheese cubes, fries… can now all be enjoyed in a more cultivated manner, defining a new cult!
• What’s better is that you can use it as a set with the matching CLUB snack bowl!
• Speaking of refinement, the durable, dishwasher-safe CLUB cocktail sticks can be used over and over again as high-quality snack accessories making it environmentally friendly! Long live CLUB!

• The early bird spears tasty titbits and finger food.
• Anyone still poking around with toothpicks and the like should quickly convert to these practical cocktail sticks with the innovative design – and experience a whole new universe of snacking.
• It is dishwasher safe hence can be reused over a long period of time making it environmentally friendly.

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