Décor Tiles, Lush Greenery (40 cm x 1m)

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• Décor Tiles
• 3-Dimensional Design
• Cuts easily with scissors
• Removable & reusable
• Waterproof
• Easy to maintain
• Use it only on flat floor surface

• Surface: PVC
• Inner layer: Glass fibres
• Adhesive: Acrylic Resin
• Liner: Polyethylene

User Instruction:
1. Clean the surface of the floor where the sheet will be installed. Make sure it is clean, dry and smooth for best result.
2. Start off by only peeling the releasing liner by 2-4 inches and then place the sheet on the floor surface.
3. The sheet is repositionable but avoid repositioning it too many times to maintain the strength of the adhesive.

How to peel the releasing liner?
Releasing liner is laminated to protect the adhesive surface. If you find it difficult to peel it try:

1. Putting scotch tape on the releasing liner at one of the corners of the floor sheet and pull
2. Hold the tape’s adhesive side by a finger and then pull up the sheet by nail

Suitable to be used on these materials:
1. Wooden floor
2. PVC cushion floor
3. Tiles
4. Hard PVC

NOT Suitable to be used on these materials:
1. Solid wood
2. Carpet

• May cause damage to some floor surface
• Only place sheet on flat surface. Do not use it on bumpy or curved surfaces
• Be sure to clean the surface of dusts and water
• Avoid direct sunlight. Don’t keep in hot/humid place. Do not place hot items on the sheet. (Can only withstand up to a temperature of 65 degree Celsius)
• Wipe out light stain with wet cloth. Wipe out heavy stain with cloth with neutral detergent and remember to clean out the detergent thoroughly after
• There is possibility that dew condensation happens between the sheet and floor due to humidity under the floor. Beware of fungus.
• Clean stain or dust on the adhesive side with flowing water gently.
• Glass fibres in the inner layer might irritate skin. Wash it well under water when irritated
• There is a possibility of alteration and colour degradation by contamination of antiaging agent in rubber products (furniture’s leg or caster wheels) and mat and chemical agent like coating materials, antiseptic and insect repellents.

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