LEC Baby

LEC was established in 1979, in Japan. LEC offers a wide variety of household products that can be easily incorporated into everyone’s life to raise the quality of living at a reasonable cost. Honest trading became the sole agent for LEC in 1975.

In 2014, LEC first introduced the 99.9% Pure Water baby wipes that are patented in USA and Japan.
In 2018, LEC launched Ma Fleur 100% food-based ingredients baby wipes.

In the same year, LEC also set up their 1st flagship store in Takashimaya, Singapore and has since expanded to other retailers stores, supermarket chains and specialty stores.



LEC strongly believes in taking risk and does not fear failure. The company constantly challenge themselves to create new value and help improve living environment of their customers.



The 99.9% pure water wet wipes is LEC best-selling product for a good reason. It is formulated using 99.9% purified water and 0.1% safe chemical. Harmful chemicals such as alcohol, artificial fragrance, parabens and propylene glycol are omitted to ensure baby’s health and well-being are not compromised.



All wipes are being produced and packed in a clean-room in our laboratories located on Shikoku island, Japan. All machines there are fully-automated and human-free, making it completely safe from contamination. We have in-built CCTV located in each clean-room to monitor and detect for any slightest contamination to ensure highest quality control for each pack of wipes.


Honest Trading is the officially-appointed sole agent and distributor of LEC Baby Wipes in Singapore